Monday, January 16, 2017


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Anonymous said...

I liked the first one better with the straight strings.
My rule of making art: NEVER NEVER NEVER make changes according to others' suggestions. YOU are the artist and you are depicting YOUR OWN vision. Only a stupid nebbish makes changes to his art according to other's suggestions. I liked your straight line balloon strings very much; it had force and direction. Women seldom make strong art - they make wishy washy pretty pretty pussy cat shit art. Men's visions most usually have power and strength. By listening to women's opinions you have emasculated your own painting.
Drop your pants and look between youir legs. You have all your male equipment, right. Remember that next time you are tempted to change your work according to outside advice.
When I was in art school, working for my Masters and Ph.D. degrees I always agreed when some female and/or sissyboy professor told me to change my work to suite her or him. But I never made any change to my work following their suggestions. I risked failure or a low grade in the class BUT WHEN THEY CHALLENGED ME AT THE END OF THE TERM BECAUSE I IGNORED THEIR SUGGESTIONS, I RESPONDED THAT THE ART IS MY VISION, NOT THEIRS. THE ART TEACHERS WHO WERE REAL ARTISTS AND UNDERSTOOD ART AND ARTISTS NEVER MADE SUGGESTIONS WITHOUT EXPLANATION AND THEY NEVER EXPECTED ME TO MAKE ANY CHANGE TO MY ART. THEY WERE REAL AND KNEW THAT ALL THEY CAN DO IS OFFER THEIR NONBINDING OPINIONS.
Your initial version of the painting, if you like it, is the best one. Afterwards ask others what they think but keep true to your own visions.